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The Virgin Islands are the western island group of the Leeward Islands, which are the northern part of the Lesser Antilles, and form the border between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Politically, the eastern islands form the British Virgin Islands and the western ones form the United States Virgin Islands. The British Virgin Islands is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom comprising Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke and Anegada. The U.S. Virgin Islands is an unincorporated organized territory of the United States comprising St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas and Water Island. The Virgin Passage separates the U.S. Virgin Islands from the Spanish Virgin Islands of Vieques and Culebra, which are part of Puerto Rico. The United States dollar is the official currency on both the British and U.S. Virgin Islands as well as the Spanish/Puerto Rican Virgin Islands. Christopher Columbus named the islands after Saint Ursula and the 11,000 Virgins (Spanish: Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes), shortened to the Virgins (las Vírgenes). The official name of the British territory is the Virgin Islands, and the official name of the U.S. territory is the Virgin Islands of the United States. In practice, the two island groups are almost universally referred to as the British Virgin Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Virgin Islands were originally inhabited by the Arawak, Carib, and Cermic, all of whom perished during the colonial period through enslavement, foreign disease, and mass suicide. The islands got their current name after Christopher Columbus named the islands Santa Ursula y las Once Mil Vírgenes, shortened to Las Vírgenes, after the legend of Saint Ursula and her 11,000 virgins. European colonists later settled here and established sugar plantations, at least one tobacco plantation, and purchased slaves acquired from Africa. The plantations are gone, but the descendants of the slaves remain the bulk of the population, sharing a common African-Caribbean heritage with the rest of the English-speaking Caribbean. In 1916 and 1917, Denmark and the U.S., respectively, ratified a treaty in which Denmark sold the Danish West Indies to the United States of America for $25 million in gold. In the 1990s a Puerto Rican tourism campaign renamed the Passage Islands as the Spanish Virgin Islands,[citation needed] though they are seldom[clarification needed] identified as such on maps and atlases.[citation needed] They are part of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, located east of the main island of Puerto Rico. However, they are geographically part of the Virgin Islands chain. They are closer to St. Thomas than St. Thomas is to St. Croix.

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    Offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, who spent 10 years as an assistant under Reid, including seven as the quarterbacks coach, said every offense has option routes, including the West Coast.While that may be true, there weren't nearly as many option routes in reid's offense as there are in [b][URL=http://www.tatlangida.com/pinknfljerseys.aspx]pink nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] kelly's.Receivers pretty much went where the play called for them to go, even if it was directly into coverage.
    “I think if you look at the entire week last week, it would look different than the game did, ” Belichick added.“In some cases, the game looked better for some players, and in some cases the game didn’t look as good as some other things during the week.So we’ll just have to take all that into consideration.”

    EDMONDS--A seattle woman might have done well to consider the words of the late british novelist and poet thomas hardy: "If an offense come out of the truth, better is it that the offense come than that the truth be concealed. "The woman's alleged attempt to sidestep a misdemeanor warrant ended in her arrest for investigation of perjury and criminal impersonation.On tuesday night, the woman was a back seat passenger in a car with friends.Edmonds police stopped the car because it matched the description of one driven away from a robbery in a motel parking lot on highway 99.A seattle man with the nickname of"Lumpy"Was in the car.He was arrested for allegedly hitting an acquaintance over the head with a rock and stealing his shoes.The woman, 33, was asked to write a witness statement and did so.Police soon realized she had signed a false name on the bottom of the report.The form includes, in bold-Faced italic, a line that the statement is true under the penalty of perjury.Instead of using her own name, she used a friend's name.When confronted, she acknowledged that there was warrant out for her arrest on a gross misdemeanor and she feared she would be taken into custody.Her fear soon was realized when she was arrested on the warrant and the new charges, both felonies, before being booked into the snohomish county jail. "It's amazing how people will try false names without really thinking things through,"Edmonds police sgt.Mark marsh said. "She was in a hole and just kept digging. "Eric stevick:425-339-3446;Stevick@heraldnetm

    The good news for The Giants was They got Hakeem Nicks back on The field for The first time this season.The Bad news, though, is that superstar wideout victor cruz left The game early to have an x-Ray taken on his foot.Fortunately those x-Rays turned out to be negative, as The giants announced that cruz simply has a bruised heel.That's a huge, huge win for new york.That's what The giants announced in The press box, according to cbs sports nfl insider jason la canfora, who's currently at The meadowlands.And now victor cruz going for an x-Ray on his foot.Yikes jason la canfora @jasonlacanfora august 18, 2013that's an in-The-Bad-Way, breath-Taking scenario for giants fans:Cruz heads into 2012 as one of the top wideouts in the nfl and certainly eli manning's favorite and most-Consistent weapon over the past few years.It's possible that cruz, who signed a long-Term contract with the giants this offseason, only went to the locker room as a precaution;That's the sort of thing you'd do in the preseason certainly.But it's not a good look at all that he's requiring x-Rays.We'll keep you updated as we hear more from new york.

    What helped the Raiders make a game of it was poor ball security by New Orleans.Second-Year running back travaris cadet fumbled twice, resulting in one turnover. Oakland'sSecond touchdown came when defensive end Ryan Robinson recovered Seneca Wallace's fumble, which was forced by David Bass on the 1.

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    For Bosworth, mastering all of those intangibles shouldn t be too difficult.The nephew of former seattle seahawks [b][URL=http://www.egtrib.com/Styles/cheapnflnike.aspx]cheap nfl nike jerseys[/URL][/b] flamboyant linebacker turned actor brian bosworth, the younger bosworth is much more business-Like and recognizes the opportunity in front of him to help add depth to a linebacker unit that this past offseason cut michael boley in a salary cap related move;Lost chase blackburn to free agency;And moved mathias kiwanuka back to defensive end full time.

    But Amash, like Sens.Rand paul(R-Ky. ), Ted CRuz(R-Tex. )And mike lee(R-Utah), never miss an opportunity to confuse the issue.This leaves leaders in the house and senate and outside voices to clarify what is really going on and to urge caution in throwing away a tool in the fight against terrorism.

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    After years of half-Hearted rebuilds on the offensive side of the ball, particularly at the skill positions, browns brass started from scratch last season with quarterback brandon weeden and running back trent richardson getting thrown into the fire as rookies.It was a bitter pill to swallow, watching these two first-Round picks struggle mightily at times last fall, but the [b][URL=http://beauty-fitnessegypt.com/images/cheapnikenfl.aspx]discount jerseys[/URL][/b] browns will be a better team for it in 2013.

    Bellator 97:Jeremy kimball def.Keith [b][URL=http://www.db-verlag.ch/data/cheapjerseysdirect.aspx]wholesale jerseys free shipping[/URL][/b] barry, ko(Strikes), 1:45 R2;Shawn bunch def.Russell wilson, split decision;Javier palacios def.Richard jacquez, unanimous decision;Adrian cruz def.Felipe chavez, tko(Strikes), 4:24 R2;Donald sanchez def.Cliff wright, split decision;Will brooks def.Cris levya, tko(Punches), 2:20 R2;Rafael silva def.Rodrigo lima, submission(Rear-Naked choke), 2:03 R3;Anthony leone def.Frank baca, submission(Rear-Naked choke), 1:07 R3;Bubba jenkins def.Mike barreras, tko(Punches), 1:05 R2;Patricio freire def.Jared downing, ko(Punch), 0:54 R3;Vitaly minakov def.Ryan martinez, tko(Punches), 4:03 R3;Muhammed lawal def.Jacob noe, verbal submission(Punches), 2:51 R3;Bellator welterweight title:Ben askren def.Andrey koreshkov, tko(Punches), 2:58 R4;Bellator lightweight title:Michael chandler def.David rickels, ko(Punches), 0:44 R1.
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    The Colts season ended after a playoff loss to the eventual champion Ravens in Baltimore. (Usa [b][URL=http://www.lantkegypt.com/UserFiles/nfljerseysoutlet.aspx]nfl jerseys outlet[/URL][/b] today sports)We have a golden opportunity here, he said.I don t know, it s kind of like that [tim mcgraw] song, live like you were dying.I m doing that.Except i m actually not doing crazy stuff.
    Though Republicans in recent years have harnessed The political power of These open mic, face-The-Music sessions, people from both parties say they are noticing a decline in the number of meetings.They also say they are seeing congressional offices go to greater lengths to conceal when and where the meetings take place.
    ''Of course, of course, '' he said.''I fully back Mark.I fully back the coaches' decisions.Like i said, i'm all about helping this team grow, helping us win.Once they came out with decision that he will start the first preseason game, like i said, i didn't have any reaction to it.

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    We have to be a forward-Thinking and aggressive organization, brandon said quoting pieces of the memo.Empower people [b][URL=http://hygrademotors.co.nz/images/products/cheapjerseysnfl.aspx]official nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] to make important decisions … do all things together … organizations win championships, individuals don t … the only way we will do it is if we do it together.

    We've long believed that Young still could be a productive pro;It's easy to forget how effective he was early in his career with the tennessee titans.It's quite possible the packers are just performing their due diligence, but here's to hoping that young's tryout goes well.
    ''What I look at is it's really which players can we put on the field to win now, '' Marrone said, after being asked if the Manuel has the edge because he's regarded as the team's future.''A lot of people talk about the future.And really the future for us as coaches and as a team is now.''
    "He's not in it,"Hiddleston told ew.Com about loki. "Here's the thing:I don’t think there’s anything else loki could contribute to 'the avengers, ' narratively.Joss gave me so many wonderful things to do in that first film that we'd only be trying to repeat ourselves, and probably less well in the second one. "
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    In the video whose authenticity was confirmed by a spokesman for Schock, though he couldn t say who shot it the Congressman seems to embrace a framework that would provide for legalization at the outset(In the form of probationary status, as in the emerging house gang of seven plan), in which undocumented immigrants pay a penalty and back taxes, and then a path to citizenship [b][URL=http://www.hbrc.gov.et/images/nfljerseysfor.aspx]nfl jerseys for cheap[/URL][/b] that is contingent on border security metrics being met.
    "I had never heard of [b][URL=http://automacy.com/images/product/womennfljerseys.aspx]womens nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] ybor city before today,"Said mccordick, a 17-Year-Old student. "This is a special place.The history is so interesting. "? "Even though i live here,"Coats added,"There were a lot of things i didn't know about the area.You know it's historical,(On this tour)You learn why it's historical. "

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    "Coach(Bill)Belichick had to [b][URL=http://www.takamolcement.com/Frensh/Images/womennfljerseys.aspx]cheap packer jerseys[/URL][/b] go from cleveland to new england, and he had to take some steps along the way. CoachFox, John (Currently of the denver broncos)Had to take some stops along the way.We changed a lot of people out, and that made the biggest difference.But i knew we had to restart.We had to change.And so we were able to take a long look. "
    He won’t have much choice.At least not in games.Nfl officials will be on the lookout for players who are not in compliance with the new rule during pregame warmups.If any player is in violation, the team will be notified and the player will be informed.And if a player wears the pads for warmups and then tosses [b][URL=http://www.vkrgmbh.com/UserFiles/officialnfljerseys.aspx]official nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] them in the game?Uniform inspectors will have an eye on the game action too, and if there is a lack of padding the inspector will tell the officials during a stop in play and the referee will tell the coach that the player is ineligible until the violation is corrected.
    Brown:I was the first heisman winner at notre dame in 23 years, so it was a pretty big deal.It was to the point that every five steps you were taking, somebody was asking for your autograph.People were carrying around footballs and hats just for a chance to bump into me.That became a little aggravating, especially in south bend in january when it’s 20 below, walking around and people want you to stop outside.
    But understand, all of this supposed progress in Cutler doesn t count much because Brandon Marshall has missed almost every practice while recovering from hip surgery---Hip surgery that was required, by the way, because he was the only target to whom cutler threw, even if marshall was triple-Teamed.
    Radar lightning:Latest d.C.Area radar shows movement of precipitation and lightning strikes over past two hours.Refresh page to update.Click here or on image to enlarge.Or see radar bigger on our weather [b][URL=http://kennedyaerospace.com/IFrame/bestnfljerseys.aspx]new nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] wall.

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    MusclePharm is a healthy lifestyleCompany that cheap stitched nfl jerseys develops and manufactures nutritionalSupplements that address active lifestyles, including muscle building, weight loss and maintaining general fitness through a daily nutritionalSupplement regimen.MusclepharmS products areSold to consumers in more than 110 countries and available in over 10, 500 u.S. retail outlets, including DickSSporting Goods, GNC, VitaminShoppe and Vitamin World.Musclepharm products also areSold through more than 100 online channels globally, including bodybuilding.Com, amazon.Com and vitacost.Com.For more information, please visit www.Musclepharm.Com.   You can also followMusclepharm online at www.Facebook.Com/MusclePharm and www.Twitter.Com/MusclePharm.
    CLAYTON It s not every day people in Johnston County get to gather around a 12-Foot-4-Inch alligator to take pictures.But on monday, the body of such an alligator infamous for eating an 80-Pound husky dog last month drew several curious people to wise recycling in clayton.The reptile is at eastern carolina taxidermy in smithfield to be prepared for display at the onslow county environmental education center.First, though, the taxidermy store s owner, jim williams, decided to weigh the alligator.A crowd of about 20, including children, gathered at wise recycling on monday as williams drove the alligator body over from his shop.It had been kept in a freezer at the store and was wrapped in blankets and placed in the back of his truck for the drive.Others helped him strap a makeshift harness around the alligator and lift it into the air with a forklift.They then lowered it onto a weigh station that is normally used for trucks.People took pictures as the scale read 540 pounds.Kathy kalivoda, vice president of wise recycling, said she didn t believe williams at first when he called asking to weigh the alligator carcass.I thought it was an april fool s joke when they called, she said.It s really cool that they selected us to weigh it.Though it s kinda scary it would eat an 80 pound dog.Williams echoed that fear as he salted the alligator s skin later in the afternoon at his store.It could have been a kid, he said.Last month, a woman in jacksonville was taking her dog for a walk when the alligator snatched the husky from the edge of a body of water.Officials shot and killed the reptile for public safety.When williams is finished preserving the skin, he will mount it onto a plastic structure in the shape of an alligator.The bones and meat of the alligator will be sent back to authorities in jacksonville to be examined, he said, including the contents of its stomach.Williams said he has preserved alligators before, but never one this large.The taxidermy process will take about six months and cost about $5, 000, he said.On monday, as parents took pictures of the alligator, children touched the reptile.It felt really cold and slimy and slippery, said kaitlyn zhoroff, 10.John zhoroff, 9, said that when he got close to the alligator, i wanted to get a cowboy hat and ride it.But if the alligator had been alive?I would just run away, he said.
    The Bills hired Doug Marrone after he went 25-25 as the head coach at Syracuse. (Ap)But the jolt of brandon s first words lingered in the summer air.The optimism bubbling through the bills offices these days has spilled onto a training camp practice field.The team s executives see a difference now, and that s a new thing.They sense the end of an empty cycle where the organization trundles out a new coach and new hope only to have the franchise stall a year or two later.
    “You can tell the fans are excited, ” Shanahan said after the practice.“I know the players really appreciate the support, cheap nfl jerseys shop how enthusiastic the fans are.It’s been a great week, a great first week.Any time you have your walk-Through sessions basically sold-Out, full crowds, you hit practice and i think the players really enjoy it.It was nice to have them close to the field today on both sides of the field.It’s something you look forward to.”
    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J.Jay Z and50 Cent had better watch out.The rap world has a couple of wigged-Out new stars e-Z and $17.5-Mil.Haven't heard of them?Well, they're kNown better on the football field.Quarterbacks and super bowl mvps eli and peyton manning burst onto the music scene this Week with a three-Minute rap videotape in which they promote"Football on your phone"For directtv.The commercial starts out with the mannings sitting in barber chairs, Wearing wigs that mimicked hair styles of the '60s and '70s.Eli has a frizzy, curly-Haired mop and peyton wore a straight,Long-Hair wig worthy of any rocker. "Peyton and i had fun doing the skit,"Eli said Wednesday before practice. "Obviously(We) got a lot of laughs togetherJust every time We would kind of look at each other and wonder what We Were doing. " The brothers filmed the humorous commercial in one day in their native New Orleans, extolling the value of watching football games on a phone,Joking at one point that someone was actually using his phone as a phone.Of course, eli manning's teammates were on him wednesday at the giants' training camp.Long-Time giants teammate chris snee said he had never seen eli rap. "I've never heard eli sing period,"The offensive lineman said. "When he controls the radio it's usually country or something Nobody really wants to listen to besides him. "Punter steve weatherford called the performance"Awesome,"Adding that players are walking in the team's headquarters humming the lyrics. "Everybody.Everybody,"Said weatherford, who added most people don't realize how funny the usually dry eli manning can be. "It's Not getting anNoying yet.I don't assume it will for at least a week. " The best line of the video for Weatherford was when Eli ManningJumps through a life-Sized picture of telephone inventor alexander graham bell, and peyton asks what would bell think about someone watching football on their phone. "Who cares? "Eli responds. "The dude is dead. "Eli manning was amazed by the popularity of the music. "I guess the song is a little catchy.A few guys going to the cafeteria line and they don't even kNow i am behind them and they are humming the song or the words,"Said eli manning, who said he hasn't been asked for a live performance. "If i hear, i say, 'i think it's got you.'"That song gets stuck in your head all day. They are kind ofJust going around signing the song every once a while. " Cornerback Aaron Ross hadJust vieWed the video and thought it was funny. "That's classic eli,"Ross said. "He surprises you all the time, so it's classic eli, easy e. "Ross even admitted singing the tune walking into the locker room wednesday. "What is it?Get down on your phone? "Well, it had something to do with a phone. The good news forJay Z and50 Cent is that Eli isn't looking for aNother gig. "No. I think I will stay with my dayJob and keep playing football forLong as possible, "He said. "A one and done.A one-Hit wonder probably. "With the denver broncos scheduled to play a preseason game at san francisco on thursday, peyton manning was not available for comment on wednesday. Broncos executive vice presidentJohn Elway saw the video and enjoyed the Manning's performance. "Great video,"Said elway, who will pay peyton manning $17.5 Million to guide Denver's offense this season. "But I will tell him today to stick to his dayJob. "
    From 3 to 6 p.M.And again from 11 p.M.To close, old ebbitt offers all of its seafood for half-Price.Not only will you get a dozen oysters for $13, you can pick up a dozen littleneck clams for $7, or jumbo shrimp for $1.50 each.The offer even extends to the towering orca platter, which has a one-Pound lobster, six jonah crab claws, six clams, a dozen shrimp and two dozen oysters for $60. (Sister restaurant clyde s offers a similar half-Price raw bar deal. )

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    Uconn qb/wr scott mccummings out for season. "I'm not sure,"Mccummings said. "I have to see how it www.newcheapnfl.net plays out.I love it here.
    I just don't know if there's room for me anymore. "An achilles' injury is a devastating, not ohcheapnfl to mention depressing, injury. "I'm not exactly sure how it happened,"Mccummings said. "I kind of tweaked it the day before.

    I put some , in my cleats to try to lessen the pressure on it but during one play it popped when i was getting off the line scrimmage]. "Truth is, it might have been difficult for mccummings to get on the field no matter where he was playing.Mccummings, is a versatile athlete from natick, mass., wasn't in shape.

    He was 17 pounds heavier than the previous season, and the coaches rode him about it.On tuesday,Mccummings said what everybody knew:His commitment to the game had vanished. "Just a lot of things,"Mccummings said. "Poor dieting, poor at exercise.

    Just bad priorities.I just didn't take football as seriously as i should have and i realized that when i came into camp.It's regretful that i've put myself in this position but with this injury i have a second chance to re-Establish myself. "It used to be that it wasn't unusual at all to see mccummings walking around the burton family football complex with a healthy sandwich in one hand and a muscle milk in the other.

    He used to take his body and conditioning seriously.What happened. "It's no one's fault but mine,"Mccummings said. "I didn't prepare like i should have.

    The other quarterbacks did a lot more work than i did.Everyone deserves to be where they're at right now.It's a wake-Up call for me in learning that i have to put in a lot more work, so this injury is a blessing in disguise, because it gives me more time to re-Evaluate my priorities, get back to that grind like i used to and hopefully be able to become something a lot more significant than i was. "Mccummings threw for more than 2, 000 yards and rushed for more than 1, 000 his season year in high school.

    He was the mobile quarterbackEdsalland then-Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach joe moorhead wanted.Mccummings redshirted his freshman season(2010).Edsall(To maryland)And moorhead(To fordham)Were gone before the 2011 season.New coach paul pasqualoni and offensive coordinator george deleone, who had plenty of experience with mobile quarterbacks during tenures at syracuse, were certainly open to using mccummings as a wildcat option.

    With both coming from the nfl, however, they were married to the pro style offense as the no.1 priority.So they started the closest thing they had to one in walk-On johnny mcentee.That led to serious recruitment at that position.

    The huskies have seven, well, now six quarterbacks listed on the roster, including four true freshmen when you add preferred walk-On liam sallquist from cincinnati.Mccummings had his moments in 2011, but the results weren't nearly as good as expected.Mccummings' longest run that year was for 59 yards.His longest pass was for 55 yards and a touchdown(Against fordham).

    He was 5 of 10 for 157 yards and two scores and he played in all 12 games.Mccummings was better on the ground, rushing for 285 yards and five touchdowns.Unfortunately, game film would show mccummings was no threat in the passing game.Whenever he came into the game in 2012, defenses stacked the box for the run.

    Mccummings only threw two passes last year and completed one for 2 yards.He rushed for 132 yards and two tds.About a month before spring practice quarterbacks coach shane day told the courant the plan was to have mccummings become more of a complete quarterback, not just a wildcat quarterback. "He does have a unique skill set compared to the other quarterbacks a wildcat quarterback],"Day said in february.

    "What we've had to evolve to is that all the quarterbacks in our system are all expected to be able to operate the entire offense. "Chandler whitmer and casey cochran are the nos.1 and 2 on the QB depth chart.Then the competition increased even more.

    Big texas quarterback richard lagow(6-6)Committed to Cheap NFL Jerseys For Sale | Shop For 2013 New Nike NFL Jerseys Online uconn last summer.Tim boyle(6-3)Of xavier-Middletown de-Committed to boston college and committed to uconn in early february, a little more than a month before spring practice.The huskies added kivon taylor(6-3)Out of grady high in atlanta, then took on sallquist(6-4)And have a commitment from st.Paul-Bristol's logan marchi(6-1)For the class of 2014.

    Uconn has recruited over and around mccummings.That, too, may be why mccummings questions his future. "I would love to come back next year, but i have no idea what's going to happen,"Mccummings said.Mccummings, a management major, could graduate in december or next spring.

    He could just walk and leave it all behind, but he is a competitor. "You know, i'm trying to view it all as optimistically as possible, just knowing that now i have a whole year to work out, get back in shape, get in better shape and work toward next season,"Mccummings said. "I'm kind of back to being a redshirt freshman just enjoying the game, watching, learning and cheering on my teammates, hoping they make it to a bowl game so i get to go on a trip. ".

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